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home air conditioning

Home air conditioning units are one of the best ways to keep your home effectively cool in summer, as well as warm in the winter. 


Air conditioner units are becoming common in many UK homes, especially since summer temperatures have been increasing over the last few years. With many more of us now working from home, domestic air conditioning units are becoming more popular and can keep you and your family comfortable day and night, throughout the year. If you’re considering a domestic air conditioning installation, you’ve come to the right place! We will help you to choose the right product for your cooling and heating needs, and your budget.


Factors to consider:

·       The number of rooms you wish to heat/cool

·       Room dimensions, layout and access

·       Style of the air conditioning unit

·       Energy efficiency and noise levels

·       Cost


We will help guide you through this process with completely free advice and a no obligation quotation.

home air conditioning

home air conditioning installation

Our fully installed air conditioning units have two parts and need to be installed by a qualified engineer. Outside, there is a fan unit connected via copper pipework and electrical connections to an indoor unit that delivers the cooling or heating. The indoor unit can have a variety of designs or positions. It can be a simple box fitted high or low on the wall, a hidden unit fitted in the ceiling, above a door with the air distributed through a grille or boxed in above wardrobes. It can also be a fan unit located in a plant room or loft space with the air distributed to rooms via ducts. These systems are known as split air conditioning systems. 


We install home air conditioning units that are energy efficient and whisper-quiet. The energy efficiency ratings of the units we install are exceptional, with most being rated “A++”. When using air conditioners as your primary source of heating you can make significant savings compared to conventional radiators.

Choosing the right home air conditioning unit will depend on a number of factors, including number of rooms, dimensions, layout and budget. There is a wide selection of models and systems available that look aesthetically pleasing, and some domestic air conditioning units can seem virtually invisible!

We are always here to help, so contact us today with any questions or for a free no obligation quotation.

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Additional features

Home air conditioning units can have a number of features, including:


Wifi/smart control

Many air-conditioning units can be controlled via third party home automation systems, so if you have this system already, we will recommend a compatible aircon system. If you have the app for this system, you will have the ability to activate your home aircon system before you get home or to turn it off if you forget before you leave the house.



Air conditioning units also act as dehumidifiers. When air is cooled, the water vapour that it contains condenses and no longer exists, thereby lowering the humidity.


Most split type air conditioning units can also be used as a heater, and can also be referred to as air-to-air heat pumps. 

No matter the size of the job, we will provide a free site survey. All surveys are carried out by our experienced aircon engineers who can tackle even the toughest of domestic air conditioning installations. 

Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.

air conditioning maintenance & servicing

To keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and reliably, we always recommend professional maintenance. Our maintenance service includes annual servicing to keep your system in the best possible condition throughout its lifespan. Even if we didn’t install your aircon unit or system, we can still maintain it for you.


Our domestic aircon maintenance service includes:

·       Checking filters, evaporator coils and condensate pumps

·       Inspect pipework, trunking, wiring and insulation

·       Carry out pressure checks and refrigeration performance

·       Full leak checks

·       Issue of a detailed service report


If any issues are discovered during maintenance, we will always aim to fix them whilst on site. If we can’t fix the problem immediately, we will contact the manufacturer and provide you with a quotation for any parts and labour required. 


If you are happy to proceed, we will order the parts and arrange a return visit at a time convenient to you. Our engineers are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always keep you fully updated.


Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.

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getting the most out of your air conditioner

There are several things you can do to help your home air conditioner run efficiently, use less energy and ultimately keep a room cool: 

  • Turn off any unnecessary light, as these generate heat. Also, turn off any unused electrical equipment.

  • Keep outside doors and windows closed to keep the cool air inside the house.    Select the highest thermostat setting which is still comfortable. By doing this, the unit will not have to work hard to achieve a lower temperature which may actually be too low for you.

  • Switch off the air conditioner if the room will be unoccupied for more than 12 hours.

  • Do not block the air conditioner vent.

  • Use the continuous fan operation only when air movement is required to maintain comfortable conditions in the room.

  • The temperature of a heated room in winter should be between 18-21°C while a cooled room in summer should be about 23-26°C. Remember, with the aircon unit, the humidity indoors will be lower so it will already feel cooler.

  • If the machine has adjustable louvres, adjust them towards the ceiling when cooling, and towards the floor when heating (cool air falls, and hot air rises).

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why choose us?

We are all about keeping you comfortable all year round.

Good ole British weather certainly has its ups and downs and the majority of us aren’t prepared for it. So that’s where we come in! We understand how those hot, sleepless and stuffy nights in the summer can leave you feeling worse for wear. Now imagine having an air conditioner in your room, you’ve got your sleep and comfort back with a click of a button.


On the other hand when we hit those colder months there’s nothing worse than being chilled to your bones. With that in mind, all you have to do is pop your air conditioner to the heating mode and you’ve got instant heat.


We enjoy what we do and while we are all about keeping our customers feeling comfortable, we are also big on promoting a more eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home and work space. Now more than ever we understand how important it is to also reduce energy costs. 


We take pride in our work, so we will never rush a job and we always allow for enough time. From the moment you enquire we will go above and beyond to fulfill your needs. We are here for you from quotes to installations to repairs. We are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Frequently asked questions

  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • What size Air Conditioning unit do I need?
    This all depends on the space that you want to heat/cool. Please contact us and one of our engineers will visit your location to assess your requirements and suggest the best solution.
  • What do I get with an Air Conditioning system?
    You will receive an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit (the condenser) can either be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.
  • Do I have to get my Air Conditioning unit serviced?
    We suggest getting your Air Conditioning units serviced every year as this will keep your units running smoothly. Contact us to book your service today!
  • Where does the outdoor condenser get installed?
    The condenser can be either wall mounted or placed on the floor. We suggest having at least 1m spacing around the unit for optimal airflow.
  • For maximum cooling, when should I turn on start the air conditioner?
    From sunrise, the sun will immediately begin warming the brickwork in your building. You should therefore start the air conditioner approximately 2 hours before the sun begins to shine into the room. This will help to remove the heat from the brickwork, so when the sun also shines into the room, the unit is not struggling to remove heat from both the sun and from the brickwork.
  • How do I care for my air conditioner?
    Air conditioners should be considered for regular maintenance in the same way that you would service a boiler or heating system. A regularly used aircon unit should be serviced annually, but a rarely used unit can be serviced less often. At Cool Runnings we offer a full maintenance service. Regular servicing helps to prevent your unit breaking down, whilst keeping it at peak efficiency and reduces the energy cost of running the unit, whilst also increasing its life.
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