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Cool Runnings air conditioning and heating
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mitsubishi electrical aircon

Air conditioning and heating
for your home or office

Welcome to Cool Runnings air conditioning and heating, your local independent supplier of high quality air conditioning and heating systems for your home or office. We strive to deliver excellence in all aspects of air conditioning and heat pumps from the initial enquiry to system installation and maintenance.

Cool Runnings will help with all your climate control needs. 


Working throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, we provide a quality and professional service to all our clients in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. 

Our services include:

  • Design

  • Full installation

  • Maintenance

  • servicing and Planned maintenance

  • breakdown and repairs


We take care of everything from the consultation or free survey to the design, installation and maintenance. We are FGAS trained and REFCON registered, giving you full peace of mind that your air conditioning and heating system is of the highest standard and professionally fitted. Cool Runnings works with a wide variety of clients, including residential homes and home offices, pubs, banks, office buildings, showrooms and much more across Norfolk and Suffolk. 


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Cool Runnings Air Conditioning and Heating can provide professional and helpful advice on what heat pump or air source heating system is right for you and your home or commercial business, in addition to installation, maintenance and repair services to all customers in the Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk areas. 


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air conditioning and heating


Most modern air conditioning systems are rated A for efficiency and are a highly efficient, low carbon way to heat and cool your home.

Find out more about how energy efficient air conditioning can be.


Did You Know..

ac company


Air Conditioners can also be used to heat rooms

ac company


You can control your Air Conditioner from your phone or tablet

ac company


Reduced humidity a great way to fight against mould

air conditioning and heating


air conditioners help purify the air and can eliminate allergens and other tiny particles from indoor air

air conditioning and heating


Having an Air Conditioner reduces your energy consumption

air conditioning and heating


Air Conditioners use the earths natural air, meaning that there is zero damage to the 0-zone layer

why choose air conditioning and heating?

Air conditioning is an amazing technology with so many incredible benefits. With warmer summers every year, it is an absolute necessity to have an air conditioning unit, whether it is for your home or for a workplace.

Our team of expert engineers will design a system bespoke to your needs, providing you with the upmost comfort and luxury, all for an incredibly competitive price!


Air conditioning benefits include:


Heating and cooling

Air conditioning isn’t just for hot weather. Air conditioning systems can be the ideal climate control solution; excellent for heating and cooling homes or businesses and maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


The majority of air conditioning systems have separate heating and cooling modes, so you can set your ideal temperature and the system will adjust itself to maintain the temperature. It’s also possible to program your air conditioning system to suit your routine, with a number of different options. 


Improved air quality

Great for cleaning air, air conditioners can reduce humidity whilst filtering out pollen and dust. Not only does this greatly improve air quality, but it also creates a safer and healthier environment for allergy sufferers. An air conditioning system will also help prevent flies and insects entering a building.


Protect property

An effective air conditioning installation can help prevent technology from overheating, whether you have a home desktop, multiple computers in an office or server room, we can provide the right climate control solution for you.

Air conditioning can also help protect furniture by lowering room temperature and removing humidity from the air. This helps to prevent problems such as warp, rot and mould growth. 


Increased security

Without air conditioning, you might find that the only way to ventilate rooms is to open windows or doors, leaving your property vulnerable to intruders, especially if they are left open overnight. And efficient air conditioning system removes the requirement to open windows and doors, thereby keeping your home or business secure.


Reduced noise

Modern air conditioners are extremely quiet, and many have designated silent modes, allowing you to create a peaceful environment in your workplace or home. With the added benefit of being able to keep windows and doors closed, traffic and noise pollution are eliminated. 


Lower health risks

Extreme temperatures can contribute to several health problems, from circulation issues to heat stroke and dehydration. Air conditioning helps to keep your home or business ventilated, whilst maintaining a cool environment in summer and warm in the winter. 



Keeping your air conditioning system maintained and serviced regularly is an important part of using your conditioners to create a healthy, low-risk environment.

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